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Solutions for Print Sites

Does your printing facility have excess capacity that you are eager to eliminate? Become a PressTerra certified print-site and open up your business to a world of opportunities!

By using the PressTerra publication management tool, your print-site is able to easily connect with publishers from all over the world who are interested in printing in your local market.

The PressTerra solution offers print partners:

  • The ability to optimize revenue for your print site by generating more prints from your printers
  • As a member of The PressTerra Alliance your print site can connect with publishers from around the world who have a desire to print in local markets, which allows you to increase your revenue and allows you to cater to underserved market demand
  • There are no fees to become a certified PressTerra printer; you are invited based on the needs of publishers in our system
  • Using the PressTerra system is easy; because it is web-based and platform independent, you can be less concerned with minimum system requirements and connection issues like firewalls or proxy problems
  • If you operate a continuous fed digital printer, you can obtain those newspapers titles from us for which you have identified a market, even if the required number of prints per title is limited. You will pay a royalty per sold copy.

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