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About PressTerra

" We bring global newspapers to local markets"

At PressTerra, our goal is to help publishers become truly global by allowing them to tap into local markets.

The PressTerra management team consists of:

Ralph Vooys

President and CEO

Ralph Vooys has strong relationships within such organizations as IFRA, WAN and Distripress.

Previously, Ralph Vooys worked many years for a major airline as a logistic and distribution expert during which time he worked in every continent of the world, giving him knowledge about international business practices and cultures from around the world.

At PressTerra he is responsible for working with Publishers to define solutions to meet their needs in order to print in international locations and then working to implement the solutions.

He earned degrees in English, Economics and History at Spaarne Institute in Haarlem,The Netherlands.

He speaks 5 languages and currently resides in Spain.

Phone: +34 618 263684
Fax: +31 847 583465

Marta Bohoyo

Vice President, Marketing&ICT

Prior to joining PressTerra, Marta Bohoyo worked as publishing director in a media group, lead a magazine, a newspaper, a web site, different publications and five radio programs. She worked as web consultant at an internationally well-known IT enterprise.

Her actual responsibilities are developing and maintaining the PressTerra website and communications network and management of the IT department.

She earned her communication degree at the San Pablo CEU University in Madrid and holds a Master degree in design and creation of web pages.

Marta speaks Spanish and English.

She lives in Madrid, Spain.

Phone: +34 91 666 28 02
Mobil: +34 609 031764

Karina Tettero

Director Customer Service

Previously Karina Tettero worked with the Operations Planning Department of an electronics multinational.

At PressTerra, she is responsible for customer satisfaction, both towards the end-user as well as PressTerra’s business partners.

She earned her degree in International Political Science from the University of California at Berkeley as well as her Teachers Credentials in English as a Second Language.

Karina speaks English, German and Dutch.

She currently resides with her family in Southern California.

Phone: +1 760 294-2186
Fax: +1 619 987-9266

Anitra Vooys

Director Business Unit Presstige

Anitra Vooys brings over 30 years of experience in computers and software and runs the independent Business Unit Presstige.

She has worked for several computer and software suppliers, mainly in the business units distribution and logistics as a software specialist, project manager and business unit director.

Phone: +31 645 316 269