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PressTerra offers newspaper distributors and private enterprises that identified a market for foreign newspapers several options:

  1. PressTerra’s Print-on-demand service offers the possibility to print a choice of world’s most famous newspaper titles against a royalty per sold copy. Based on our extensive databases of tourism and expats around the world and our experience with other locations, we can calculate the potential in a particular area. With that we can either bring you in contact with a digital printsite in the vicinity, if available, or have one of the continuous feed printer manufacturers make you an offer. You will always be the first in your area to have printed foreign newspapers available Day-A.

  2. PressTerra’s Presstige system provides for newspapers on screen. Not the type of news one can read by going to the free website of a newspaper, but the complete newspaper in it’s familiar layout, exactly the same as the printed version.

For details information on the on demand services, mail us at

For details information on the Presstige System, mail us at