[April 28th , 2009]
PressTerra signs agreement with Spanish partners
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« Latin American publishers sign up with PressTerra
« Changes in management positions at PressTerra

An agreement between Ontime Transport & Logistics , and PressTerra will provide expatriates and tourists in Spain with their familiar newspapers as of May 4, 2009. These newspapers were previously only available in Spain late in the day or on the following day after publication. Many of these titles have also never been made available in Spain before now. In 2008, tourists spent over 60,000,000 nights in Spain and about 5,200,000 foreigners have residence in this country, meaning a total of 11.3 % of the population. Through key partnerships, PressTerra and its partners are able to fulfill the needs and demand for international newspapers for this demographic group.

Imcodávila has invested in digital printing equipment allowing them to print short runs of various titles. Their first printer will be operational ultimately on May 1 of this year. Other printers will be gradually added and installed at strategic locations along the Spanish Mediterranean coast. The whole of Spain will be initially served from Madrid through Ontime's distribution network. Ontime Transport & Logistics has 250 offices located across Spain.

As a consequence, various top-titles from Latin America agreed to reach their readers in Spain:

  • El Mercurio from Chile
  • El Colombiano from Columbia
  • Diario Hoy from Ecuador
  • La Jornada from Mexico
  • El Comercio and El Correo from Peru

Miami based El Nuevo Herald, favorite of many Cubans, will also be published in Spain together with almost all publications that are already available in Portugal.

Now that the whole Iberian peninsula is being served through PressTerra and its partners, other publishers have come to an agreement with PressTerra to be available in both Portugal and Spain:

  • Tages Anzeiger from Switzerland
  • from The Netherlands
  • The New York Post from the US
  • Romania Libera from Romania
  • 24 Chasa and Trud from Bulgaria
  • Dagens Nyheter and Goteborgs Posten from Sweden

Negotiations with several other publishers continue.

Said Carlos Moreno, General Manager of Ontime Transport & Logistics: "The world of the printed press has to renovate and look for new ways of reaching their readers. The distribution sector has to use all available options and adapt to a changing market or they will lose their clients. Flexibility is the key. The service of PressTerra, together with digital printing by Imcodavila has opened the door to the future of newspapers and the way of distribution."

Added Ralph Vooys, CEO of PressTerra: "This is an important milestone for the international newspaper distribution market as Spain is one of the main tourist destinations of the world that also has large communities of expatriates and foreigners. With such a huge area like the Iberian peninsula now being provided with newspapers from around the world through our services, it will become increasingly attractive for publishers to leave the conventional distribution system and switch to our risk-free model. In fact, several publishers have already done so for the Portuguese market alone."

L'Equipe, the famous French sports newspaper, is available in Portugal as of 16 April, exclusively through the services of PressTerra and its Portuguese partner Vasp. De Volkskrant from the Netherlands has given printing and distribution in hands of PressTerra / Vasp for the period between November 1 and May 31.

Pressterra and IFRA
During the IFRA congress in Paris on March 3, Koen Maes, Circulation Manager of Belgian publisher Corelio, gave a presentation explaning the success of their publications De Standaard and Het Nieuwsblad in Portugal, stipulating the advantages of digital print. To view the presentation click here.

Changes at Pressterra
For several organizational reasons, PressTerra has moved its headquarters from Miami, Florida to Madrid , Spain. As a consequence, the company is now registered in Spain and is officially named PressTerra SL instead of PressTerra LLC.

As for the management positions, the following changes have been made:

  • Mr. Ralph Vooys has been assigned President and CEO of PressTerra SL.
  • Ms. Marta Bohoyo has been assigned Vice President Marketing & ICT.
  • Ms. Karina Tettero will remain as Director Customer Services.
  • Ms. Anitra Vooys will remain Director Business Unit Presstige.

Ms. Jerri Palmer and Ms. Karin Frank are no longer with the company.

About PressTerra
PressTerra started its operations in July of 2006 after having identified the need for Publishers to print their newspapers in substantial quantities outside of their home market.

Our network of Offset and Digital printing companies, located around the world, are able to produce EXACT copies (meaning same format, color and paper quality). This network is growing steadily and provides Publishers with the possibility of being available Day A at many locations in the world. Utilizing these sites not only saves valuable time but often costs considerably less due to the elimination of traditional transportation costs. Apart from Print houses, we also offer a network of Distributors to serve Publishers that would like to start distributing at a new location.

PressTerra has built an in-depth database that can provide Publishers with detailed demographics about Expatriate and Tourist markets around the world.

The process is very simple: Publishers make their content available to PressTerra, who in turn ensures that the right type of file is transmitted to the Print site and on time. After printing has completed, the newspapers are picked up by or delivered to the Publisher's preferred Distributor.

If no Distributor is available yet for that market, PressTerra will bring the Publisher into contact with an established Distributor and upon request will negotiate on the Publisher's behalf.

PressTerra's Presstige system offers publishers to make their publications available online at the retail rate of their choice.

Whether you are a Publisher, Printer, Distributor or any other branche-related company, we would gladly discuss the options of cooperation with you.

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